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  • Getting middle button of 3M ergonomic mouse to work

    Yes that is a mouse. I use this at work. But the default configurations did not let me use the middle button. I wanted to use it for scrolling. So I had to add some custom settings to X. Before we begin, we need to know the device name: # hal-find-by-capability –capability “input.mouse” /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_4b4_60_noserial_if0_logicaldev_input Then […]

  • Personalizing GNOME and Unity

    I have used GNOME 3 for quite some time now. Of late the shell started to crash a lot, so I switched to Unity. I usually hate dark themes, I like bright desktop and larger fonts so that my eyes don’t get strained. It is great that people have so many useful gui tools for […]

  • Network Manager troubles after wifi password change

    I recently changed my router’s password and even changed the authentication type. Now after that Network Manager started crashing. And thanks to the new GNOME 3 network manager, I was not able to manually change the password, I was not even getting where they had hidden the previous Network Connections window which used to list […]

  • Problem due to incompatible Qt versions

    I had recently bought MTS connection which gave a usb stick to connect it. It also gave a rpm for the GUI. Later I found that due to it, some software like vlc and skype had stopped working. I used to get errors like this: roshan@localhost:~/Downloads$ vlc VLC media player 1.1.3 The Luggage (revision exported) […]

  • Rhythmbox id3 dumex missing plugin problem — solved

    This is a problem that I faced once earlier also. However, I never cared to solve it then. The solution to this problem is on Simply download the tar and extract the tar. Follow the steps mentioned on the page. Posted from GScribble.

  • messing up

    These days I have no work to do, expect willing time :P, so I thought lets try “Sugar Desktop”, so I installed it using # yum groupinstall sugar then i logged out, and logged in to Sugar, which I later found out that there was nothing for me in it, then I logged out and […]

  • Mukti 10

    Mukti is the annual FOSS festival of NIT Durgapur. We celebrated this from 5-7th Feb 2010. So here is the post on what we did. Since last year we have changed the pattern of what Mukti used to be, we try to bring FOSS developers from all over India, so that people here can meet […]

  • Codecracker 3.0 stats

    Codecracker 3 was a major success among the three seasons of codecracker. Firstly, we went ahead to support four programming languages C, C++, Java and Python and secondly I was the admin ;-). This time we broke all the records of the past with the number of registered teams which rose exponentially to 195 :), […]

  • Setting CLASSPATH for Java in Linux

    This was really tough for me since I had never used command line for compiling java programs, I always used Netbeans for coding in Java. Recently I started learning JUnit for which I decided to use command Line. Whenever I googled for its solution I got $ export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH: But this did not fix my […]

  • Quick update

    These days I am quite busy with Drupal and have learnt that Drupal is not merely a blogging software, you can make a full fledged website out of it. You can make modules, themes, customise it, and much more than I used to think initially. Apart from that I have learned to use CSS which […]