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  • Setting CLASSPATH for Java in Linux

    This was really tough for me since I had never used command line for compiling java programs, I always used Netbeans for coding in Java. Recently I started learning JUnit for which I decided to use command Line. Whenever I googled for its solution I got $ export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH: But this did not fix my […]

  • mp3 support and software installation

    This is the requirement of all the people in my college and many others. Initially it was a big problem for me also but later I was able to resolve it. Additionally you can take a look on which I have noticed just now and it actually explains you how to add repositories to […]

  • Find help on ORKUT

    People think that orkut is just a time pass… But with communities like Linux you can always find help and they are reliable too. This community is very active and most of the questions are solved within hours of posting. I have learnt a lot from this community.