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  • New versions of artha and gscribble packaged

    After a long time, today I finished packaging the newer versions of artha and gscribble for Fedora. The updates have been pushed to update-testing. The new versions will be available in the updates repositories soon. Posted from GScribble.

  • GScribble new release

    I started this project back in last summer. I wanted to learn something, and I had already been hit by twitter. As a result I lost interest in blogging, I always wished something like twitterfox so that I could blog whenever I wanted to, without opening firefox. It is a tedious task to open firefox […]

  • proxy in xmlrpclib

    This is just an extension of the example shown here . import xmlrpclib, httplib class ProxiedTransport(xmlrpclib.Transport): def set_proxy(self, proxy): self.proxy = proxy self.puser_pass = puser_pass def make_connection(self, host): self.realhost = host h = httplib.HTTP(self.proxy) return h def send_request(self, connection, handler, request_body): connection.putrequest(“POST”, ‘http://%s%s’ % (self.realhost, handler)) def send_host(self, connection, host): connection.putheader(‘Host’, self.realhost) connection.putheader(‘User-agent’, self.user_agent) […]

  • RPMs for GScribble released

    Today is another big day for me, I have made a new release for GScribble along with RPMs for Fedora. I take this opportunity to thank my seniors Debayan Bannerjee for all round support that he gave me during the college, Shreyank Gupta who did the artwork for GScribble and Rangeen Basu who helped me […]

  • My first big contribution to FOSS

    I really feel proud to announce that I have written a client of my own today for posting contents on my blog. I am really looking forward to fix problems with the interface very soon. As I am new to GUI development, it will take some time till then I ask you to be patient. […]