Motorcycle review: Bajaj Avenger 2013

I bought Avenger in July 2013. Specification can be read at I have toured extensively in Karnataka and Leh, so I think this review will definitely help you make up your mind.


  • Engine: The 220 cc engine gets you off from 0-60 pretty quickly. This is a cruiser so couple of seconds does not matter. It will accelerate till 80 fairly. Once you cross 90 there is not much power left in the bike, you will accelerate very slowly. It will get you till 110. You will feel the vibrations on the foot pegs after 90. The sweet spot is between 70-90. You can just relax and cruise on an open road at that speed and you will absolutely love the ride.
  • Maneuverability: Since it is long (longer than RE Bullet also) and quite heavy so it is quite frustrating to ride in traffic. It feels really heavy when riding at speeds below 30. It needs more area to make u-turns. But once you touch 40 it feels lighter, you can even lean at corners.
  • Mileage: In city I get around 28-32 km/l and on highway around 35-38 km/l. I rev the engines hard so I can’t complain on the mileage. People have managed to get 45 on highways.


  • Big seat : This was a big factor while choosing this bike. Since I wanted to ride long distance I wanted comfortable seats. The stock seats were better than other bikes but I added a gel pad and 0.5′ foam on top of the seat for more comfort.
  • Seating position: The low seating position with legs stretched out gives you a chair like seat, which is quite comfortable. The “Feel like god” tagline makes perfect sense when you hop on it. It may take you a while to get used to it though. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 82 kg and I find it extremely comfortable. Be prepared for some splashes in the rainy season though
  • Good Headlights: The default head lights are good. The whole road will be lit perfectly in high beam.
  • Chrome: Bajaj has used sufficient chrome on it to make it shine. I absolutely love it.
  • Electric Ignition: It comes only with an electric ignition. I have not faced any problem with starting even while I was in Leh. Just one push of the button and the engine will come to life.
  • Back Rest: There is a back reset for pillion rider. I use to to strap my luggage
  • Types: The MRF Zappier tyres are good. I have done 15,000 km and they still look good. I have had only one puncture.


  • Braking: The front tyre is stretched out, so it can be a nightmare at turns and skids at times. You will learn how to use both the brakes to control it.
  • Odo/Speedometer/Indicator: It comes with analog meters. The speedometer starts swinging once you cross 100 km/hr. I have managed to clock 115 km/hr on it but I am not sure how faulty the meter was. The turn, high beam and neutral indicators are slapped on the tank so you have to look down to see it which is really annoying. There is no RPM indicator.
  • Fuel Gauge: The fuel gauge is faulty. You just can’t depend on it. I have also noticed water droplets inside the fuel gauge. This has been seen on other avenger bikes, wonder why they have not fixed it.
  • Tank Capacity: It can hold 14 litres of petrol. I wish the tank was bigger.
  • Rear View Mirror: The stock mirrors are really bad. I have to change mine.
  • Pillion Seat: The pillion seat is very small, good for only city rides.
  • Rider Foot Pegs: I wish the foot pegs were a little more forward. It would have made the seating position more relaxed.
  • Suspensions: The rear suspensions are hard and you will feel every bump on your butts.
  • Gear: The gear shifting in not smooth. It gets stuck during down shifting.

It is really a good motorcycle for the price you pay. I wish Bajaj did something to improve its design and performance.






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