Day 8 – Look ma snow!

Day 7 was spent mostly on bed as I was down with cold.

Since most of us were tired of riding on gravel, we decided to hire a taxi to go to Pangong Tso, which we never reached. We started at 6:30am for Pangong Tso. Once we crosses Shey village and started the ascend to Changla pass, we noticed snow. This was an unexpected but a pleasant surprise We quickly got down and clicked some photos. None of us had ever seen snow fall.

Notice that there is no snow on road now

Once we climbed a little more it started to snow. Within 10 minutes everything was covered with snow.

After seeing this photo, we realized that everyone was wearing blue jeans and brown shoes

I was shivering with cold.

Shatimaan trucks. These military trucks are everywhere and they don’t give a shit about roads, no roads, gravel, snow, or water. Hence the name


The taxi had really bad tires and it was struggling in the snow. After waiting for couple of hours for the snowfall to subside, we finally decided to head back to Leh since we were not even half way through.






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