Day 6 – Leh!

Paji had started to feel better. We had breakfast and then we left for Leh.

Tents at Pang

Once you leave Pang, the roads are really good and you can ride as fast as your bike can. My avy could only do 70-80. The power had reduced drastically. However there was no problem in start whatsoever, since it did not come with a kick start, I was worried about it.

Plains in the mountain. This was an unbelievable sight.

There was bad patch of 15 km and for some parts it felt like an endless rumble strip. Once it ended we reached Taglangla pass. We clicked some photos. I started to fell nauseated after couple of minutes. So I started to descend immediately.

After riding for another 50 km, the color of mountains became little red. There were couple of small villages and some vegetation. We were approaching Leh.

A river to give you company

Can’t remember what I was trying to do

First sight of Indus river. One on my friend’s name is Indus. He did not know that he will encounter Indus river. He was delighted like a baby.

We reached Leh around 5pm. Found a guest house to stay. It was surprisingly cheap, Rs 700 a room, which was really neat but lacked TV which anyways we did not care about. It had apple tree. I was so happy to see an apple tree. I asked for the owner’s permission if I could take a few to which the lady said yes!






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