Day 2 – Oh Manali!

I woke up early around 5 am. I looked out of the window to realize where I was sleeping, among the mountains and there was greenery all around. Suddenly the thought of bike came to my mind,  I rushed outside immediately to check if my bike was still there. Breathed a sigh of relief after I saw it. Went back, took bath and packed my stuff. Ready to ride!

Bilaspur Lake

I was delighted to see two enfields with Karnataka registration nos. They were equally delighted. Had a chat with them over breakfast. They too had faced the fog and snow on the day before. One of them said that his father had agreed for this ride on the condition that he will ride back to Bangalore. What a father! I was so jealous

My father has a simple answer for these things: “Kya jaroorat hai?”. (Why is it needed?)

Me: Papa, main leh jana chahta hun bike pe freinds ke sath. (I want to go to Leh on motorcycle with my friends.)
Papa: Kya jaroorat hai? (Why is it needed?)
Me: Speechless!

They were riding a little slow, so I decided to wave good bye to them and continued towards Manali. Had to take frequent breaks to capture these:

Should have tucked the t-shirt

After a while I realized that I just can’t get enough of Himachal in this ride. Stop anywhere on this road and you just cant stop admiring the view!


I reached Manali around Lunch time. Manali is also very beautiful and September seems to be apt for visiting Manali with your wife/girlfriend It is less crowded and right after monsoons!

The other guys had already reached Manali and were haggling over deposit and rent of bikes with rental folks I was having fun at their expense!






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