Solo ride to Horsley Hills

It was a lazy Sunday morning and I was cleaning my flat. My cousin called me up and said that he is driving from Bhillai to Tirupathi and asked me to meet him at Tirupathi. I told him that I would check if I was free and let him know. I just wanted to check the distance from Bangalore to Tirupathi It was around 260 km. Then I logged on to BB to check if there is anything in between to to make a quick stop. There it was – Horsley Hills. Looked up google for photos, it looked interesting. Called my cousin to confirm the trip.

It was Monday morning. I woke up at 4:30 am and looked outside, it was still cloudy so I decided to wait for some more time till it gets clearer. I do not enjoy long distance rides in the rain and I hate rain coats. In the mean time I got ready, it was almost 5:30 and the clouds had parted. It was time!

Carried all the spares and shoved them in the side box. Took the Madivala-Indiranagar-KR Puram route to Kolar. It was a lovely morning with no sun. The roads were really good till kolar, so good that I forgot to take left at Hoskote. I stopped at Kamat and had breakfast. It was already 7, the sun had started to show up.

Took a turn at Kolar towards Chintamani to get back on the correct route. It was a single lane road and was pretty fucked up for the next 10-15 km, but it was scenic with trees on both the sides and villages. Made a quick stop to give my butts some rest and click some photos

After 1 hour I was back on track and then rode to Horsley Hills. The roads were pretty barren and I had a bad feeling that this might not be the best time to go there. Once I started climbing the hill and I was delighted to see the greenery.

The view point:


I wish I could stay there for a couple of days. It was quite peaceful with just a couple of hotels up there and since it was Monday there were no tourists. It is definitely a must go place.

More photos:

Does anyone know the name of tree with red flowers?






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