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I had taken a break from studies to prepare for Engineering entrance examinations in Delhi. I was at one of the best coaching centers at Delhi (I am not taking their name as this post is not about them). I met some of the best teachers in my life there. Other than regular stuff they taught me I learned some skills which I will use for my entire life.

There was a Physics teacher who was also an M.Tech from a premier institute. He taught me what to aim for in life and how to motivate yourself to reach there. I still use it to keep myself focused when I am feeling low or struggling with something.

Motivation tip: Whenever you are doing things think about the reasons for doing it. Doing it for yourself or money you may not motivate you. Think about how proud people around you (like your family or other loved ones) will feel when you complete it or how it will benefit their lives.

For the same reason you can’t keep on working just for the sake of earning money.

And there was an amazing mathematics teacher who taught me time management skills. This was really useful then and even after several years if I follow this I can get my work done. This tip also helps you measure your capacity.

Time management tip: Plan before, plan small. When you lie down on bed for sleeping at night think about what you are going to finish tomorrow. Most important thing is to plan small so that you can get it done no matter what. Never give yourself excuses for not getting it done.

He also taught me a concentration tip. I can not concentrate for more than 10 minutes. Even now while attending meetings I lose concentration and am usually clueless about the results of the meetings when I come out of meeting room :P.  My mind starts roaming around the entire world after 10 minutes.

Concentration tip: Close your eyes and try to roll your eyes upwards (till you are comfortable) for 5-10 seconds. The idea is to roll your eyes up, relax and not to think about anything. After 10 seconds magically your brain is blank and you have cleared all the random thoughts and you can start doing your work again.

The chemistry teacher was equally good and he also used to give useful tips from time to time though I do not remember them now.

That drop year was a real life opener for me, and I am glad that I took that break. I realized a lot of things about myself. One of the many reasons could be that for entire one year I was away from my home. I was also a pampered kid at home as I was good at studies, and usually escaped scoldings at home.

I hope some of these tips benefit you.






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  1. Amit Avatar

    Thanks for sharing these tips bhaiya.It’s sure most of us are mainly troubled with concentration problem.This Concentration tip is really working for me.also motivation part and time management should be taken care of. 🙂

    1. Roshan Singh Avatar

      Glad to know that!

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