The man from earth – 2007

On recommendation of a colleague,  I watched this movie ‘The man from earth‘ yesterday.

The movie is based on a conversation between some people. The protagonist, John Oldman(who is a professor), was packing stuff to move on to a new place, when suddenly some of his colleagues from the university dropped by to say good bye. They were curious about where and why John was leaving all of a sudden. Then finally John opened up and said that he was a caveman and he had lived for 14000 years. And he moves to a new place every 10 years as people around him see that he does not age.

Curious? Go and watch the movie. Its really a brilliant piece. It has been rated 8.0 on IMDB. I was so amazed by the movie that I watched it twice back to back. The Story is written by Jerome Bixby who has also written few episodes of Star Trek.

The conversation is so captivating that you wont move at all. If you enjoy science fiction you will love it. I would rate it a perfect 10/10.






2 responses to “The man from earth – 2007”

  1. Debayan Avatar

    Just watched the movie. Simply amazing. A story that even I would like to believe.

  2. Siddarth Avatar

    Had watched the movie a long time back. This movie reinforces the saying – “Script is what takes the movie to a viewer’s heart. Everything else is frills”

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