My blog finds a new home

I have moved my blog to Please update your bookmarks.


1. Why did I move my blog?
I wanted some web space for random stuff that I do. So I thought it would be better if I bought a domain and webspace for me.

2. What was the cost for hosting and domain?
I bought the domain from Indialinks at Rs 150 for 1 year, and hosting from 3iX. I am currenlty using 1$/month hosting scheme. So the entire setup costed me around Rs 750.

3. How did I move it?
Wordpress provides easy export and import plugins, so the setup was also done under 1 hour. I tweaked the theme a little bit to match it exacly as the theme that gave me.

4. What about email ?
I have opted out of the default email that 3ix gives. I switched to free google apps which provides gmail for mail 😉 . I had to change the mx record in the dns settings from the indialinks control panel. It took about an hour to propagate. FYI the email address is But I plan to use my existing email id.

But I will continue to use this blog, as I use it as openid everywhere 🙂

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  1. sankarshan Avatar

    Best to have a feedburner or, similar feed URL which means that it requires you to change the backend feed without breaking planets and other feed subscribers.

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