New versions of artha and gscribble packaged

After a long time, today I finished packaging the newer versions of artha and gscribble for Fedora. The updates have been pushed to update-testing.

The new versions will be available in the updates repositories soon.

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  1. Patrick Dickey Avatar

    Hello there,

    I tried to install the latest version of gscribble (0.12.1-fc16) on Fedora 16, but it failed because it requires a couple of GTK2 files. Will you be updating it to Gnome3 at all? One file (required from running the source tarball also) is GTKHTML2. I’m not sure what the second file is, but I remember it was a Gnome 2 file also.

    I sent you an email through sourceforge about this as well.

    Have a great week. 🙂

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