Nonameconf [Day 1]

I had missed again due to some reasons, so I had planned to go to Nonameconf. I went with vignesh. While I was trying to find the building where it was supposed to be, I saw a bike tripping over. I had never seen an accident like this before. I immediately rushed towards them, had no clues what to do. I helped the person get up. The pillion rider was hurt, he was not able to stand also. Some people came with water to help them. After a while I left.

I will still clueless about the venue. I called up Vignesh, he said that he would come in a while. Then we tried to find the venue. Finally when we reached the venue. I saw a very small Nonameconf sticker pasted, I must say this was a very poor arrangement. The venue also was not proper for a meeting like this, but I do not think blame them as it was a free of charge event with no sponsors.

Later I noticed that they had no clear idea as what was to be done. I met with a lot of people there, some coders, others FOSS activist of FSMK. Shreyank had arrived by then, I met him for the first time since he left college. Later I found that there were some entrepreneurs also there mostly startups. Now some person had come up with a website (i forgot the name of the person and the url as well), which would serve as a meet up point for freelancers and startups. Nice idea indeed, but the question was will he be able to sustain the idea, I am rather unsure about this. But the discussion was nice indeed, what startups needed and what freelancers/interns need.

Then we went to CCD to grab some coffee. Then we walked from there to UB City mall. The mall was nice, we were having random discussion on what we need in life and how we should do. After a while Shreyank proposed to write a small app that would pull the latest image from xkcd feeds and save it as desktop background. He took out his laptop to see if there was wifi available. To my amazement it was! There was some paid network available which would charge 50 bucks for 60 mb. He tried to registered but failed. Then we went to S.P. Road, Viggy had to buy adapter for his router. Finally after roaming a lot, I came back.

It was refreshing to meet them. Since I had moved in to Bangalore I have been living with people who do not like coding at all. Every time I would go out with them, they would discuss on cricket, football, politics and so on, none of which interest me. For the first time, I felt like I should start doing something again :). Hope I can sustain this energy.

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