GScribble new release

I started this project back in last summer. I wanted to learn something, and I had already been hit by twitter. As a result I lost interest in blogging, I always wished something like twitterfox so that I could blog whenever I wanted to, without opening firefox. It is a tedious task to open firefox then, then logging in and then clicking on new post.

So I decided that lets work on something new, if others wont use it at least I will. However I would like to credit Lekhonee. It gave me an idea to start and proceed, I have pasted a lot of code from there.

I have a new HTML and Visual mode for the editor now like WordPress, however the Visual mode does not allow editing now. I had been searching for it for quite sometime. I then sat down to write my own class for it. I still have it the svn, but it is not complete and it parses only a few html tags right now. Later I found out writr on pygtk apps link on the official website of pygtk

I have made some small tweaking in the GUI, thought the broader look is the same. I have made it compatible to the new glade designer 3.0. With this release the main task left is blogger.

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