Mukti 10

Mukti is the annual FOSS festival of NIT Durgapur. We celebrated this from 5-7th Feb 2010. So here is the post on what we did. Since last year we have changed the pattern of what Mukti used to be, we try to bring FOSS developers from all over India, so that people here can meet them and learn from them. With this in mind, we had with us, Pradeepto Bhatacharya, Shabbir Keriwala from Geodesic Technologies, Arun Ravindran and FOSSEE team.

Mukti began on 5th, with Android workshop by Shabbir. He introduced us to what android was and showed us basic demos of little apps that ran on the eclipse simulator. A lot of people were running Eclipse for the first time and since a lot of them were new to Linux, the sessions went a little slow than Shabbir might have anticipated. I could not attend this one, but folks told that it was really interesting.

After that, we had Qt workshop by Pradeepto. Since I had little knowledge of GUI development using PyGTK, I found this one really enlightening. Pradeepto had made some demo applications, in which he demonstrated step by step, how to go about learning Qt.

On 6th, we had two talks one by FOSSEE team for Scientific computation using Python. We had very less audience for this workshop because of the overnight coding events. The other workshop was by Arun Ravindran on Game Programming. This was really interesting as I had no idea what the workshop would be like. He taught us to make a flash game in two hours using an open source tool called Haxe.

We have video recorded most of the sessions, which we would upload on our server very soon, apart from that the source codes for the various workshops have been put for download at







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