Codecracker 3.0 stats

Codecracker 3 was a major success among the three seasons of codecracker. Firstly, we went ahead to support four programming languages C, C++, Java and Python and secondly I was the admin ;-). This time we broke all the records of the past with the number of registered teams which rose exponentially to 195 :), with teams from 40+ engineering colleges including several IITs, IIITs, NITs and other engineering colleges.

Though many teams did not turn up to solve even a single question, may be because they were too difficult for them. Teams from IIITs outperformed everyone. Teams from our college could not participate properly due to pathetic internet, however they are no match for IIITs, still would have loved to see ACCEPTED SOLUTIONS from NITD.

Active meter showed 5500+ page loads.

Here are some stats that we collected from Google Analytics.

Codecracker 1.0 stats:

Codecracker 2.0 stats:






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