It has been quite some time that I have blogged. I am now a Fedora packager, have packaged three applications – GScribble, Artha and opendchub. All are available in the updates repository :). Apart from that I made the Mukti website (http://mkti.in). I must confess that it does not look that good because I am bad at designing.

I have a lot of work to do again, new version of GScribble is now ready with support for spell checker. I tried a lot to make an editor with support for visual editing, though have not succeeded till now. I will release it very soon.

I have added patches sent to me by a Debian packager for Opendchub. This project needs real attention. However I have not been able to do so till now, just fixed random bugs on it. I have noted that it gets almost 10 downloads per day which is very good considering the natue of the software.

Apart from all this I have decided that I have to learn Drupal theming properly so that I may work as a professional to make some money.






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