Automated testing with JUnit

I have learnt some automated testing with JUnit. Junit is a java package which lets you write test suites so that you can simply run them when you program is done. It is good for software development as you can re-run the same tests again and again, and you can save some time and even avoid human generated error as missing out a particular test that happens with me over and over as I tend to forget cases.
Learning JUnit is extremely easy if you have some Java knowledge. However I noted that the official website has very less tutorials available and you wont find much information on the internet also (please direct me if you happen to know any good tutorial).
I grabbed “Pragmatic Unit Testing” by Andrew Hunt and Davis Thomas. This book is really helpful as it starts with the basics and goes through every details of JUnit. You can find a copy of the ebook if you search a little.






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  1. vignesh Avatar

    Bhai mere ko little search nahi karna hai. Please woh ebook mere ko email kar de. 🙂

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