RPMs for GScribble released

Today is another big day for me, I have made a new release for GScribble along with RPMs for Fedora. I take this opportunity to thank my seniors Debayan Bannerjee for all round support that he gave me during the college, Shreyank Gupta who did the artwork for GScribble and Rangeen Basu who helped me with packaging.

Being the first release the app is missing a lot of basic functionalities which I will provide later on. I will try to release as soon as I make some changes so that I keep myself involved in it.

I remember when I first started using Twitter I lost my patience to blog, then I realised that it was TwitterFox which was the main reason, I then tried to search for blog clients. Eventually I could not find any nice app. Since then I had decided that I would write an app for me.

I would also like to thank Srijan technologies who provided me sufficient free time during my internship that helped me a lot to work on it.






4 responses to “RPMs for GScribble released”

  1. Shreyank Avatar

    Try scribefire (firefox addon).
    Its awesome! 🙂

  2. Debayan Avatar

    Dont listen to Shreyank. He is already crazy, and he is also in love.

  3. sankarshan Avatar

    @Roshan – wonderful. I’ll download, install and, give this a try. It would be nice if you could get someone folks from the college (besides yourself) interested in building up features.

    @Debayan – I did try ScribeFox for a brief instant of insanity only to be put off by the notion of having “yet another add-on”. As regards the remainder of your comment, I have nothing much to crystal-ball gaze 🙂

    1. sankarshan Avatar

      err that should read ScribeFire and, I should get some shut-eyes.

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