A wonderful experience at Srijan

On Friday, the M.D. Mr. Rahul Devan took the entire Srijan Team to a outing so that people may get to know each other and decide what the company’s strategies should be. Though I am an intern over here but I also asked to be a part of the trip, which initially I had thought that I would bunk, but later I decided to go ahead and see it.

Mr Vivek Puri, who had just left IBM and joined Srijan, picked me up from Khanpur bus stop in his car and drove us to ‘Teri Resort’ on Faridabad-Gurgaon Express way. On the way I saw Qutub Minar (which I had been planning to visit since I came here) and Chattarpur Temple (which has a statue of Hanuman which is over 40 feet tall). We reached there at 9:40 AM. As he parked his car, we were taken to the conference room in a battery-driven auto-ricksaw. There was greenery everywhere. I must say they had well maintained the resort.

Then the proceedings for the day began. It started with the introduction of the 22 members of Srijan team. Everyone had to speak about his past, his experience with Srijan and his ambitions for future. I was overwhelmed with thoughts when everybody spoke how they wanted to help society some by teaching kids, opening schools at their respective villages. I would like to mention here are Mr Hari from Andhra Pradesh who was deeply touched by farmers of his village and some other nearby villages who were moving out of villages to cities in search of job, where they had to live on footpaths. He said that at some point of his life he would return to his village and teach them how to use new technology to get better harvest and earn money.

Apart from that I saw some people here are not very well educated but with the help of others they are also progressing. It was also great to see even the peons sat with and told their story.

I must say that in the past month that I have stayed here, I never felt this place like an office, its always full of humour.

Then we had lunch after that we again sat down and decided bout the strategies and points of success and failures of the company. Here they were trying to decide the company’s policy. The M.D. has always tried to make it a democratic place to work and thus he was seeking everyone’s say in how the company should be run. Almost everything from administration to finance everything was discussed. Later in the evening we played Cricket and guess what I dropped two catches 😛

It was really an experience to be remembered.
It was really interesting to see a company shape up. 🙂






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