Quick update

These days I am quite busy with Drupal and have learnt that Drupal is not merely a blogging software, you can make a full fledged website out of it. You can make modules, themes, customise it, and much more than I used to think initially. Apart from that I have learned to use CSS which is also very important for web development. If you are trying to develop websites use Firebug extension from mozilla firefox, it is very useful and you can make your website look better. I am trying to integrate Drupal blogs module and planet module to make something which would let the client make a site which would give blogs from the site and blogs from wordpress, blogger etc stay together and would enable commenting. Apart from that I learned to use various other modules. In short this time Mukti website would be on Drupal not wordpress.

Apart from that I am learned something about XML-RPC module of Python. I have been longing for a desktop blogging software for Gnome. I tried some but they were not good. Now I think of making something.
In the mean time I have spent sometime with opendchub and have found a major flaw in the software, I think I will be able to fix it by this weekend (the only time I am free these days).

I have also made my first rpm for opendchub. I will very soon release rpms and debs for opendchub.

Lastly, I declare that I want to go to Agra, I need a companion, if somebody is willing please leave a comment :). Everyone is invited.







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