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The story began nearly one month back. I had hardly any work and no internship for the coming summer. Debayan forwardrd a mail from ILUG Delhi’s mailing list for an opportunity for an internship to work on Drupal. Since I had PHP knowledge and I had been managing the GLUG website, so I felt I had some chance. So I sent them a mail with my resume. Though I was not expecting any replies ( I had made similar attempts earlier also), still I made an attempt following my Golden rule – “Try, rather than repenting later that I should have tried”.  Two days later I got a reply that there would be a telephonic interview which happened the next day. The interview was okay. I hardly have anything in my resume that I could boast about. The person was Mr. Sidharth (thanks to the list of names of employees on my desk for the spelling).  He said that he would reply in 15 days about the confirmation which made me think that that they will dump me. To my amazement the same guy called me two days later that I was selected and asked about my convinience for work.

I was very happy and now I am at Srijan trying to digg deep into drupal. Today is my third day here. I must admit that sitting here 8 hours makes me so tired that I fall sleep as soon as I reach home. I hope that I do something great in the coming two months of my work here.






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