Some things I have been doing these days

I have become a kind of person who does not care about examinations any more and keep on doing some stuffs.

1. I always wanted to have a bot on our channel (#nitdgplug on Freenode, though we have very less to log, you all are welcome to our channel :P). So i used eggdrop to create a bot and log messages. It is really a great software, and needs a hell lot of configuration. Here is the configuration bot file. Strangely wordpress does not allows to upload txt files, so you can simply rename it as bot.conf and use.
I made an important change to log all the messages and log it in directories whose name bears month name and year as Apr2009. I played with the configuration file and then it was done. Just create a directory with this name Apr2009 (three letters per month name.
This did the trick

logfile jpk #nitdgplug “logs/” //removed the name of file name
set logfile-suffix “%b%Y/%d%b%Y.txt” // I just added ‘%b%Y/’ to what it aleady was.

you can see logs of our channel at

2. Today I created a video section for our website with wordpress. I was struggling with Drupal, even if it has a flash player module it is not properly documented (If you know tell me I will be pleased to know). With wordpress it was just a matter of 10 minutes.

This was really fun. Looking for more things to do 🙂 .






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  1. Shreyank Gupta Avatar

    We are proud of you, son!

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