should i try fedora

Rangeen, who happens to be the only Fedora ambassador in our college did a very good work by creating a local Fedora repository . I am an openSUSE user and I am satisfied with it, we also have a local packman mirror which happens to be the biggest repo for openSUSE. But the only problem is that it is not a complete repo, I mean while installing packages I need to download some packages from the internet also. But the Fedora repo which also has the updates is nearly a complete repo.

So I am thinking about trying Fedora now.






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  1. Rahul Sundaram Avatar
    Rahul Sundaram repositories and Livna (just for libdvdcss) are probably good ones to have a local mirror of, if you are running Fedora. Good luck.

  2. Roshan Singh Avatar

    we have rpmfusion and we separetely provide codecs

  3. Shaswat Deep Avatar
    Shaswat Deep

    hey how will I get linux os openSUSE for free…………

    1. Roshan Singh Avatar

      You can download the ISO from Or you can purchase Linux For You magazine of Feb 09. There was a DVD of openSUSE 11.1 in that edition.

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