server administration is a difficult task

Just a week back I start to manage our GLUG server and since then it has turned out to be a nightmare for me. Every now and then something happens and people start pinging you. Whenever I go out and come to room I just type the url of the server on my browser to see if it is working. It adds a lot to your responsibilities.

I tried several distros and finally ended up with my favourite openSUSE, I find myself very much comfortable with it.

Some works to be done:
1. Fedora 10 repo
2. Ubuntu repo
3. Packman repo (we already have but it needs management)
4. More isos for download and for repo for network install





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  1. sankarshan Avatar

    If you are just starting off with server administration, it would appear to you that there is so much to do and, so little time in the day. Eventually, you will start seeing patterns in outages/errors, configuration changes etc. And, you will also start creating and maintaining checklists, comments in files you have tweaked/changed. Along the way you will end up learning a bit about server security etc. The System Administrator’s Guide and the Network Administrator’s Guide are good resources to have at hand.

    Finally, your twitter profile seems to have the wrong URL for your blog. There is a ‘p’ missing in ‘wordpress’.

  2. Roshan Singh Avatar

    Thanks for that advice and the error you pointed to actually the key ‘P’ in my laptop has some problem so it happens at times 🙂

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