Codecracker 2.0 UP and running

Codecracker, the online judge of our college designed and developed by GLUG last year is all set again for a new round. The pattern is changed a little bit. This time we have six questions, two easy, two medium and two difficult. It is scheduled on Feb 3, 2009 from 10 P.M. to 12 P.M. IST.

The software that we used for the judge has now been ported to Python. I and Rajat did the work in three days. I did most of the testing work while he did the coding part. I had little knowledge of Python which I had learnt during the holidays. Rajat is a fantastic coder I must admit. He writes codes perfectly. Well since we had the whole logic that we had used in the previous year so it was not that difficult.

Today I uploaded it to our the server. The server had Python 2.4.4 but we had written and tested on Python 2.6 and it started throwing exceptions . So I decided to use my own computer to run the backend python program. Since we had made provisions for such a distributed thing in our code so it was not at all difficult to do this.

Day after tomorrow is a big day. We have a local contest in our college. This will really test the software. I hope everything works fine!

You can also participate in the event. Just go to the Codecracker arena .

Any constructive suggestion or crtiticism is welcome. The project page is . This page currently has the source of the previous year codecracker. We will upload the new source soon.





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