good bye 2008

Another year comes to an end. But 2008 was very important to me in many sense. For the first time I started playing around with real sofwares. To begin with Debayan started GLUG SDU (which is now totally dead) and we started to hack some softwares. First one was linuxdcpp (the linux alternate to Apexdc++). Though I did not succeed in doing anything. But I enjoyed a lot. Then came the Google Summer of Code for whcih I applied without thinking much about a proper multithread download manager for Gnome. I must admit that I got four five responses to which I had nothing to answer, they wanted me to hang on and think. But I had absolutely no idea what to tell them. Then it passed by. Then onwards I was very much determined to work on open source softwares.

Then in summer vacation I started to work on Evolution in which i have fixed a bug (my only achievement till date). Then i participated in TGMC to learn some web designing. Apparently I learned J2EE, UML, AJAX a little bit of everything. Good experience.

And thus it ended. An eventful year for me. So i quote it everywhere, my nick on IRC is roshan08 my email id is also 🙂

Hope to do more interesting works this year.






3 responses to “good bye 2008”

  1. sankarshan Avatar

    since GSoC is back this year, it would be nice if you could figure out which project interests you most and initiate a discussion with a few developers to lay the ground work for contributions. beginning early does help.

  2. Roshan Singh Avatar

    Yeah I am actually looking forward to that

  3. hittudiv Avatar

    eiskaltdc(fork of valknut) is loads better than linuxdcpp…. check it out 🙂

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