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In continuation to the last class taken by Rajat Kansal, I was given the chance to teach some of my juniors some Linux basics. For that I had to re-install Linux which was in a mess due to my TGMC project.

I had decided that I will not go beyond a certain level so that every things do not pass over their heads. I began with C/C++ programming in Linux using GCC/G++. I showed them how to use VI editor ( to which I remain glued to, I donot like shifting from terminal when I am coding unless the codes are very long).

I had decided to teach them software installation which I consider the biggest hurdle in becoming familiar to Linux. People generally find it difficult to install softwares on Linux and that is the biggest reason why people do not shift to Linux. So the showed them how to add repositories, search packages and install them using Yast ( I should mention here that I use openSUSE ). Yast is really very powerful and most of the things on openSUSE can be configured from here. I showed them the various things that can be done from Yast.

I also showed them how to use ‘rpm’ command to install software and also how to use tar balls to install software.

Then I showed them Open Office, media players. Then mounting various patitions on Linux including NTFS filesystem. I also showed them how to mount pen drives (thanks to Abhishek Gupta he had one in his pocket).

Then we talked joining various projects. Basically I wanted them to feel how Linux is important for us and at the same time how simple it is to use if you know how to do things.

I must mention here that I was very happy to be a teacher. Really it is a very good feeling.

For the next class I have thought to teach them how to use subversion and cvs.






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  1. Indranil Das Gupta Avatar

    It may be a good idea to structure the contents of these classes that you are conducting into short wiki-based lecture notes on the LUG wiki. It would create ready reference material for such introductory session as applicable elsewhere as well.

    You might want to consider that as an activity that you may want to spend some time on.

  2. roshansingh Avatar

    yeah ! I have decided to put everything that I have taught and some other things in the wiki as a reference for them

  3. sweta singh Avatar
    sweta singh

    grt goin..!!!! all the best..

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