web designing @ TGMC’08

Web designing has always attracted me. Moreover websites have become more advanced over the time with the arrival of new technologies like ajax and frames. They have become lively like desktop applications. So I also wanted to learn these. During summer vacations I learned a little bit of PHP. It was so simple that withing 2 days I had started to design basic pages like login etc.

Last month Praveen came to me and asked me if I was interested. I said yes initially but was rather confused as there was very less time and a lot had to be read. After a lot of thoughts we went ahead. Then we read UML and did the synopsis and sent it.

Now after coming from holidays we started with building pages and doing the database connectivity. It was really difficult to configure DB2(IBM Database) and WAS CE (IBM Web Server). It took almost 4 days get the DB connectivity to the JSP page! I will detail that in my next post

Building pages in JSP was similar to PHP pages. I am still left with some more things to do before I complete. Thanks to TGMC that they have extended the last date, due to which I still have one and half months. I will do the best that I can.






2 responses to “web designing @ TGMC’08”

  1. Debayan Avatar

    They always extend the last date. It is a policy. All the best with TGMC.

  2. sooria Avatar

    Well Roshan !
    Gud luck 4 tgmc.
    we r also participating in TGMC.
    Letz hope 4 d best.

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