using GIT behind proxy

GIT is another software used for version control as SVN or CVS. Today when I was at gym Shreyank requested me to find out a possible solution for using GIT as he saw what I had posted earlier to use SVN and Pidgin. He was really very happy to see Pidgin working.

I came back then I thought I should give it a try too. I visited the LDTP site. There I saw a link for using git behind proxy. I dont know how it worked for me. I simply noticed that there was a simple change of protocols while using proxy, git:// was changed to http://.This is what I used to download the source of LDTP

$git clone{.http}

I tried and bang! it was working for me. I had done only the usual proxy setting form yast, it sets up the http_proxy Environment variable. Check if it is set for you.

$echo $http_proxy

If the output is not “http;//″ then the proxy setting is not done for you. Do this

$export http_proxy=””

It should work for you also.







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