I am becoming serious towards classes now!

And that is true. I have started attending more classes than ever before in this college except Majhi’s. Look its already 8.10 and I am writing blog because its Majhi’s class!  the coolest teacher of our department and I know that he will let me enter in the class even if it is 8.30. So relax, there is a lot of time!

Everybody knows how much I love to sleep in the class. But in this semester I slept properly in only two classes.

Well I would also like to tell that I have submitted 3 assignments on my own. I dont know how long this will continue but I am very happy with this.

Labs were the only thing I used to do sincerely. But things have changed now and I like to surf doing the labs.

Its 8.22 now. Time to go 🙂






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