mp3 support and software installation

This is the requirement of all the people in my college and many others. Initially it was a big problem for me also but later I was able to resolve it.

Additionally you can take a look on which I have noticed just now and it actually explains you how to add repositories to a Linux system.

What is a repository?

This is a question asked to me by several people. Repository is a database which stores rpms, debs etc which Linux users use to install packages on a Linux system.

How to add a repository?

Refer to the above link for adding repositories. Some good repositories are Packman for openSUSE and Livna for Fedora, see this video .

People in NIT Durgapur can add Packman fromhttp:// or check out the list of all repositories available at .

How to install a package?

In openSUSE go to Yast > Software search whatever package you want and install. Also you can use the advanced 1-click install feature of openSUSE (most easy to use). Search the packages at Webpin and then install them using 1-click feature.

In Fedora you can use

#yum install <package> from the command line.

How to listen to mp3 and watch avi files?

You can either install VLC from and or search mplayer at webin and install it for openSUSE.

For fedora, VLC is available at Just follow the instructions there.

How to compile C/C++, Java programs?

Gcc is the compiler for C/C++ , java.


Write the c program in a text editor on Linux gedit or kwrite or VI. Then compile from the command line

$gcc helloworld.c

Then run the program


Netbeans is also available for Linux.






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