why do we need to attend classes

Last night after a lot of counter strike and a LDTP installation, my back said, “i wont let you sit more”. Then I went to bed and started to think about the classes. Yeah ! I some times also think about my classes.

When it had not started I thought it is high time why the hell it is not starting and now after it has started I think why has it started. Well, it was yet another boring day. I can remember a class all the time I was gazing on the board as if I was the most attentive person in the class and god only knows that i had visited several places thought about several people around me within that one hour. Indus who was sitting just beside me had similar experience and I can say that rest of the sixty odd people in the class must have had similar experiences. Well it is not that we feel like this in only that period. The situation is same for other periods.

Then why do we attend classes. Why aren’t we left to do whatever we want to do. It appears to me as if attending classes has become a synonym for wasting time.






3 responses to “why do we need to attend classes”

  1. Debayan Avatar

    Saale aaj pata chala tumko?

  2. roshansingh Avatar

    Pata to chal gaya tha, ab rona aata hai kaise ek aur saal jhelunga

  3. avnish Avatar

    saale…ek to tum logon ki week main ek cls hoti hai woh bhi tumlog jaate nahi ho(proxy se kaam chalate ho)….dept. 10 baaze khulta hai….fir bhi y to attend classes???[:P]………

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