Difficult Times 🙁

It happens at least twice a week for me that i land into awkward situations 🙁 .

Last week everything was working fine for me. I was trying to learn things and do something and eventually meeting with success. But things have become really difficult for me since Jony ( the person mentoring me) has become busy…

Till then i am reading other things. Algo’s and Networks dont interest me any more !

Two days back, i realized that i need some change so i started to work on “Download Manager” which i had decided to do for the Sun Club. I searched and finally got something and then tried to make the thing work. Everything was working fine except the JTable ( if you dont know Java then it is a class used to create tables as the name suggests) which denied to work. I tried whatever i could and then left. At last I went to bed. The other morning i seached some tutorials ( i must admit that the tutorials are very good, you will get everything that you want) on Sun’s website. And finally got it .

At night i again resumed work and eventually met with success the download manager id working for me. Later I found that it lacked a mechanism to check the name of the file (which is intended to download) if it already exists. And finally after 15-20 mins i managed to make it work.

I have decided to add some more features : 1. Scheduled downloading 2. Multithreaded downloading (if possible)

Ah! but i have not left EVOLUTION. I am still trying to fix bug no 244058 . It seems it will take some time.






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