Laptop Review - Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 9

I needed a new laptop for quite some time as the current one is almost 10 years old. I have been using a 2012 Thinkpad T530 which is very capable and built like a tank. It has survived two drops from 3-4 feets with only minor damage. Unfortunately it weighs like a tank too. The speakers on it were terrible and I had to constantly look for headphones every time I had to attend a meeting.

Agile Retrospective for team improvement

Agile has been followed in some form or the other all the software development teams that I have worked for. Most teams used sprints and daily scrum meeting only. Some teams used sprint planning meetings where you decided the ticket that you would work on during the sprint.

Things I learned in 2019

I work in a very small team of three engineers which does not leave much room for dedicating resources for managing infrastructure. We wanted explore managed AWS solutions so that we can focus on delivering features without worry about scaling the infrastructure or dealing with maintaining servers.

Setting up screen on linux

Screen is a program that runs in terminal and allows you to create multiple terminals with one ssh login. It runs in background so that you can attach to the same session if ssh disconnects. Its particularly useful when you are using mobile data or have to leave some process running in foreground.

Working with docker

During migration of a website which has not been updated in a while, it occured to me that docker will be ideal for this website. It did not have a lot of traffic and business impact was also less.